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Provide students and parents with online access to course descriptions, prerequisites, objectives and associated state and district standards.

Standardize curriculum across all schools in your district and ensure that the curriculum is aligned with state and district standards.

Create collaboration groups to plan what is going to be taught, when it will be taught and the related tools and resources for instruction.

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AllofE's Curriculum Management Systems to Improve School Performance

AllofE's eCurriculum solution helps school districts meet the burden of curriculum requirements and provides the tool to incorporate important educational standards right down to the district's educational plan and empowers teachers to map those standards right into lesson plans.

Address state and district requirements

  • State standards built-in and local district standards to re-define and enhance state curriculum requirements.
  • Lessons and assessments that are aligned to state or district curriculum standards.
  • Enable teachers to target areas for student improvement.
  • Create reports for a wide variety of student demographic categories (ethnicity, gender, special needs, and more).

Improve teaching and learning practices

  • Empowers teachers, administrators, and other key users to deliver instruction aligned to standards.
  • Deploy a Web-based portal that enables students and parents to access information on academic requirements.
  • Deliver best practices and district-approved curriculum to teachers digitally, saving time and money.
  • Enable teachers to share and collaborate on their best practices for improving student learning outcomes.
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